General Auto Instruments

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Sanctuary Point  NSW  2540

We are now an online only business.
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We repair all kinds of Automotive & Marine Instruments including:

• Repair and reprogramming of all digital instrument clusters including digital odometer for replacement instrument clusters
• Repair to mechanical speedos and tachos including chronometric
• Rewinding of bi-metal gauges
• Repair of mechanical pressure & temp gauges, including new capillary lines
• Testing, calibrating and certifying of all instruments
• Complete restoration service for classic instruments

Push Pull Cables

Push Pull Cables (30 Series)

Micro (Vernier) Adjust

Twist to Lock T Handle

Non Lock T Handle

Power Take Off

Pull Only Cables

Industrial Cable Kits

Accelerator Cable Kits

Power Take Off (PTO) Cables

Speedo, Brake and Specialty Cables

Cable & Conduit by Length

Cable Kits

Light Duty Accellerator

Truck Accelerator

Accelerator with Levers

Industrial/Stationary Engine

Cable Accessories

Ball Joints