Commercial & Utility Grade Comparison

Cables & Controls offers two grades of Push Pull cable:

Commercial grade is identified by a smooth finish, it is a economical optional suited to lighter duty application’s that are not exposed to temperature extremes or require numerous bends.

Utility grade is identified by a ribbed finish, it is our premium grade cable which is superior in friction, bend radius, strength and heat resistance over commercial grade.

Outer cut away

  Min Bend Radius Min Bend Radius Backlash Factor Backlash Factor Working Input Push/Pull Working Input Push/Pull Efficiency Factor Efficiency Factor
  Commercial Utility Commercial Utility Commercial Utility Commercial Utility  
VLD 5” 2” 0.00015 0.00015 70/120 110/180 .001 .002
LD 7” 3” 0.00020 0.00020 125/230 125/230 .001 .002
MD 9” 5” 0.00025 0.00025 210/400 210/400 .001 .002
HD NA 6” NA 0.00030 NA 600/1000 NA .002

1. Minimum bend radius is per degree of bend
2. Efficiency Calculation: Input Force = Output load (lbs) x total degrees of bend x efficiency factor + output load (lbs)
3. Commercial Temperature Operation: -50DegC to 110DegC
4. Utility Temperature Operation: -50DegC to 150DegC